It’s You And Always You

Months withered like leaves
And your presence is still in me.
Memories began to crop up.
Crazy stuff and stupid matter that we have shared
Are still wandering inside my dome.
I may not remember the precise date our pathways clashed,
But being with you with almost a year is the best moment I’ve ever had
And I found one thing that’s really got me crazy,
And that is you.
I’ve been missing you.
Re-reading our conversations over and over
Where you said you loved me
Til’ I had to entreat you to stop would make me hurt less.
Tears have made my eyesight foggy
And I’ve been holding my breath for so long
As my dome keeps on purling
And keep on telling myself to move on.
I just want to feel what’s like not to be preyed upon by you
To get over you,
To forget you,
But I can’t…
I can’t stop thinking about you.
I miss you so much.
I miss you.
It’s you and always you.

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