An Elegy For A Living Dead



Living like a scarecrow,
Standing alone full of sorrow;
Lift your head up,
Dry your eyes,
Curve your lips,
Arms wide open and embrace the chaos;
Pain will end soon but not today
You will probably find bliss on your way
So drag yourself from darkness
Don’t let yourself to be tricked by the talking abyss
Words can’t save you alone
But it’s not bad to carry on.

Artwork by QM




A lost soul in a tree
A queer woman full of daze
A concealed agony that wanted to take a flee
Yet, the woman be at the helm of grace
Her veins did a beautiful pirouette
To let herself be free
As it shows her atypical silhouette
And made a paroxysm of glee
Being one day at her own solitude
The affliction will descend into a triumphant prowess
That moment to impart the essence of gratitude
As an equivalent to her progress
And the unforeseen evolution of torment,
Will become her greatest fulfillment.


Artwork by QM

Unheard & Unseen

She considered herself a lost wanderer,
Finding her self,
Finding someone who will understand her,
And now she’s walking again..
Walking on throng,
Like she’s really strong,
People’s footsteps in her ears,
People’s stares on her eyes,
She bowed her head down,
Continuing the exploration of herself,
She bends her right arm,
Waiting for someone to hold her,
“I just want someone to hold me, I just want someone to find me”,
A wretched whisper on her lips,
But it aggrieves her being that,
No one will hold her..
No one will find her..
No one cares..
And left,
unheard and unseen.