Letter to Agony


Why do I live in a world filled with pain?

I asked to nothingness

Is it the only thing to gain?

Another question containing distress

Shattered into a thousand pieces on the pavement

Living with the undertone of throes,

Withstanding against torment,

Escaping from endless woes

Dear agony, please let go of me

The poison of pain makes me insane,

No aches, no tears, just set me free

Let myself be disconnected to bane

Let me drown into happiness

And let me continue to exist.

Artwork by QM




A lost soul in a tree
A queer woman full of daze
A concealed agony that wanted to take a flee
Yet, the woman be at the helm of grace
Her veins did a beautiful pirouette
To let herself be free
As it shows her atypical silhouette
And made a paroxysm of glee
Being one day at her own solitude
The affliction will descend into a triumphant prowess
That moment to impart the essence of gratitude
As an equivalent to her progress
And the unforeseen evolution of torment,
Will become her greatest fulfillment.


Artwork by QM